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Sparkling Wine

sparkling wine = bubbly   Notes:   When first opened, sparkling wine becomes effervescent as bubbles of carbon dioxide gas escape from the liquid.   It was first produced by Dom Pérignon in the 17th century, who cried out after sampling it, "Come quickly.  I am drinking stars!"   Champagne is perhaps the finest example of sparkling wine, and is named for the region in France where it's produced.  The brand Dom Pérignon is considered to be the finest champagne.  Sparkling wine and champagne are rated by their relative sweetness.  The driest is brut, followed by extra dry, sec, and the sweetest of all, demi-sec.  Sparkling wines are used to toast special occasions like weddings and the New Year, but they're also served before meals.  They're especially nice with caviar.    Substitutes:  sparkling grape juice (non-alcoholic) OR chardonnay OR chablis OR equal parts verjus and soda, sweetened with simple syrup



cold duck  Notes:   This is a sweetened blend of sparkling wines.  It's cheap and tastes like it.  

spumante   Notes:   This is Italian sparkling wine.  Asti spumante is a well-known sparkling wine produced in Asti, Italy.   Substitutes:  sparkling wine 


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