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Blush Wine

Synonyms:   rosé wine = rose wine = pink wine 

"Blush" is displacing "rosé" as the name given to pink wines, though some people use the name rosé to describe darker pink wines.  Whatever name you give them, they're usually made from red grapes that are only allowed to ferment a few days--too short a time for the grape skins to impart a deeper color to the wine.  The result is a pink, fruity wine that's best served chilled and goes best with poultry, seafood, and spicy dishes.   These wines are quite popular, but wine snobs think they're boring.  Don't cook with these wines--they aren't flavorful enough.    Substitutes:  Gewürztraminer OR Beaujolais OR white wine



white Grenache = Grenache rosé   Pronunciation:   gruh-NAHSH row-ZAY   

white Merlot  Notes:  This blush wine goes well with poultry and seafood.

white Zinfandel = Zinfandel rosé   Notes:  This is the most popular blush wine, and it goes well with pork, poultry, and spicy dishes.  It's not at all like ordinary Zinfandel, a dry red wine.


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