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Summer Squash

Unlike winter squash, summer squash can be eaten rind, seeds, and all.  The different varieties vary in size, shape, and color, but they can be used interchangeably in recipes.  Select summer squash that's small and firm.

Substitutes:  eggplant (this must be cooked) OR bok choy (in stir-fries) OR cucumbers (if served raw) OR winter squash


bottle gourd

calabash  1. spaghetti squash  2. cucuzza

chayote = cho-cho = chocho = christophene = christophine = chuchu = mango squash = mirliton (in the South) = pear squash = vegetable pear = sousous = choko = custard marrow = pepinella = pepinello = xuxu = xoxo   Pronunciation:   chi-YOH-tay or chi-YOH-tee  Notes:  This mild-flavored squash looks like a wrinkled, pale green pear.  It needs to be cooked before serving, and for a longer time than other summer squash.  You should peel a chayote before cooking it, but don't take the seed out--it's edible and tasty.  Cooked chayotes make good low-fat substitutes for avocados.    Substitutes:  zucchini (stonger flavor, cooks more quickly) OR kohlrabi OR other summer squash OR carrots OR bell peppers (for stuffing)  






cucuzza = cucuzzi = bottle gourd = calabash = zucca = suzza melon = Tasmania bean = New Guinea bean = Italian squash   Substitutes: zucchini OR yellow squash   


custard marrow

custard squash


globe squash =  Ronde de Nice   Notes:  You can stuff these and bake them, or slice and sauté them.  Substitutes:   zucchini OR baby acorn squash

Italian marrow

Italian squash

mango squash

marrow squash


New Guinea bean


pattypan squash = scalloped squash = scallop = custard squash = white bush squash = cymling = white squash   Notes:    These have a pleasant, nutty flavor, and they're easy to hollow out, stuff, and bake.   There are green and yellow varieties; yellow ones are sometimes called sunburst squash.  Substitutes: scallopini (darker and rounder) OR zucchini OR yellow squash OR baby acorn squash 

pear squash



scalloped squash

scallopini   Notes:  This is like a pattypan squash, only it's greener and rounder.  Substitutes: pattypan squash (ligher and flatter) OR zucchini OR baby acorn squash

snake gourd  Substitutes:  zucchini (smaller) OR other summer squash


sunburst squash

suzza melon

Tasmania bean

tinda = Indian baby pumpkin = Punjabi tinda

vegetable marrow = marrow squash    Substitutes: zucchini (smaller)

vegetable pear

white bush squash


yellow crookneck squash

yellow squash  Notes:  This category includes yellow straightneck squash and yellow crookneck squash (left).   Substitutes:  zucchini (This is more flavorful, and there's a yellow variety.) OR pattypan squash OR cucuzza   

yellow straightneck squash


zucchini = courgette = Italian marrow squash   Pronunciation:  zoo-KEE-nee  Equivalents:  1 medium zucchini = 1 cup sliced   Notes:   America's most popular summer squash, zucchini can be served raw, sautéed, baked, grilled, and even shredded and baked in a cake.  Green zucchini is the most popular, but some grocers also carry a bright yellow variety.   
Substitutes: cocozelle OR yellow squash OR pattypan squash (especially for stuffing) OR chayote squash (not raw; takes longer to cook; excellent for stuffing; peel first) OR eggplant OR cucuzza OR carrots OR pumpkin (This is a great substitute for grated zucchini in breads and cakes)


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