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Asian Squash


angled loofa

ash pumpkin

balsam pear

bitter cucumber

bitter gourd

bitter melon = balsam pear = bitter cucumber = bitter gourd = ampalaya = Chinese bitter melon = foo gwa = karela   Notes:  This bitter vegetable is believed to have medicinal properties and is widely used throughout Asia.   Substitutes: winter melon (larger, needn't be salted before cooking to remove bitterness)   

Chinese bitter melon

Chinese okra = silk squash = silk melon = Taiwanese okra   Notes:  There can either have a smooth surface or one with deep ridges.  The ridged version is sometimes called angled luffa = angled loofa = angled loofah.    Substitutes: zucchini

Chinese winter melon

foo gwa

fuzzy melon = hairy melon = hairy cucumber = moqua   Notes:  This sweet and mild squash has a fuzzy feel to it.  Substitutes:  zucchini


hairy cucumber

hairy melon

Indian bitter melon


opo squash

silk melon

silk squash

wax gourd

winter gourd

winter melon = ash pumpkin = winter gourd = Chinese winter melon = wax gourd   Substitutes: bitter melon (much smaller; salt and let stand for 30 minutes before cooking to reduce bitterness)


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