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bread and butter pickles  To make your own:  See the Crisp Bread and Butter Pickles recipe on RecipeSource.com.  

capers   Notes:   Capers are pickled flower buds, and very salty.  You can get them pickled in brine (top photo) or salted (bottom).  Look for them in the pickle section of your grocery store, or in delis. The smallest ones are more expensive, and more highly esteemed. Rinse them before using.  Substitutes: pickled nasturtium seeds or buds (slightly different taste) OR chopped green olives OR brine-cured green peppercorns OR chopped dill pickles OR pickled seabeans

caper berry  Notes:    Caper berries are large capers.  They're sometimes used instead of green olives to garnish martinis.  Substitutes:  capers OR green olives (as a garnish for martinis)

cherry pepper  Substitutes:  pepperoncini

Chinese pickle (includes preserved Sichuan mustard greens, preserved Sichuan kohlrabi, snow pickle = red-in-snow, and salted cabbage = winter pickle)

cornichon  Substitutes:  sweet gherkins (sweeter) OR dill pickle slices





kim chee = Korean pickled cabbage = Korean pickled vegetables  Notes:  This Korean specialty is made with cabbage, vinegar, garlic, and hot chile peppers, all of which are put into jars and allowed to ferment.  It's spicy and very good..  

pepperoncini = pickled Tuscan peppers = peperoncini  Substitutes:  pickled cherry peppers


pickled asparagus    To make your own:  See the Pickled Asparagus recipe on RecipeSource.com.   

pickled beets    To make your own:  See the Pickled Beets recipe on RecipeSource.com.   

pickled carrots    To make your own:  See the Pickled Carrots recipe on RecipeSource.com.   

pickled cauliflower  To make your own:   See the Pickled Cauliflower recipe posted by the Internet Chef.

pickled eggs    To make your own:  See the Pickled Eggs recipe on RecipeSource.com.   

picked ginger = gari  To make your own:  See the Japanese Rosy Pickled Ginger posting on RecipeSource.com.

pickled mango = burong mangga

pickled mustard cabbage

pickled nasturtium buds  To make your own:  See the Homemade Capers recipe in the Internet Chef's Recipe Archive.

pickled okra    To make your own:  See the Pickled Okra recipe on RecipeSource.com.   

pickled onions  To make your own:   See the Pickled Onions recipe posted by the Internet Chef.


pickled string beans  To make your own:   See the Pickled String Beans recipe posted on RecipeSource.com.


preserved Sichuan kohlrabi

preserved Sichuan mustard greens


salted cabbage


snow pickle

sweet cherry pepper

sweet dill pickles  Substitutes:  Drain liquid from a jar of dill pickles and replace it with a solution of two parts sugar and one part cider vinegar.

sweet gherkin  Substitutes:  cornichons (tarter)

winter pickle


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