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Sweet Peppers

aji dulce

bell pepper = capsicum = sweet pepper  Equivalents:  One tablespoon dried = 3 tablespoon chopped fresh  Notes:  Red and yellow peppers are riper, more flavorful, and pricier than the more common green ones. You can occasionally find bell peppers in other colors as well, like brown, white, pink, orange, and purple.   Substitutes:  Holland bell peppers (thicker walls) OR Italian frying peppers OR cubanelle (more flavorful) OR poblano pepper (hotter than bell) OR Anaheim pepper (hotter than bell) OR pimiento OR dried bell pepper flakes

bull's horn  Substitutes:  green bell pepper

cachucha pepper = rocatillo = aji dulce  Substitutes:  bell pepper

cubanelle = Cuban pepper  Notes:  These turn from green to red as they mature.  Substitutes:  red or yellow bell pepper (less flavorful)

Cuban pepper

European sweet pepper

Holland bell pepper  Notes:  These are like bell peppers, only with thicker walls.  Substitutes:  other bell peppers (may have thinner walls than Holland bell) 

lamuyo = European sweet pepper = rouge royal  Substitutes:  bell pepper (not as sweet or large)

pimento  Notes:  Pimentos are often sold roasted and peeled in cans or jars, or used to stuff green olives.   Substitutes:   red bell pepper (thinner walls)



rouge royal

sweet banana  Substitutes:  yellow bell


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