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Liver is rich in iron and Vitamin A and has an unabashed flavor that nicely complements that of its usual companion, onion.   Calf's liver is considered to be the best, but lamb liver and beef liver are almost as good and much less expensive.   Liver can be cooked with dry heat, say by grilling or sautéing it, but it becomes very tough if it's cooked beyond medium rare.   Since liver has very little fat, you might want to baste it or lard it.


beef liver  Notes:   Compared to calf's liver, this is a bit tougher and less delicately flavored, but it's quite good if you're careful not to overcook.  It should still be pink in the middle when it's done.   Substitutes:   calf's liver (milder flavor, more tender) OR lamb liver (milder flavor, more tender) OR pork liver (This is more tender than beef liver, but it has a stronger, less agreeable flavor.) 

calf liver = calf's liver = calves' liver = veal liver   Notes:  These are highly prized for their sweet flavor.  Substitutes:  lamb liver (milder flavor) OR chicken liver OR beef liver (stronger flavor, less tender) OR pork liver (stronger flavor) 

chicken liver   Notes:  Like calf's liver, these are highly prized for their exquisite flavor.  Substitutes:  calf's liver OR pork liver (stronger flavor)

lamb liver   Notes:   This is as tender as calf's liver, but not as flavorful.  Substitutes:  calf's liver  OR beef liver (strong flavor, less tender) OR pork liver (stronger flavor)

pork liver   Notes:  This has a very strong flavor, so it's not as popular as other kinds of liver.  Substitutes:  calf liver (milder flavor) OR lamb liver (milder flavor) OR beef liver (less tender) OR chicken liver (milder)

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