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Veal Shoulder Cuts

shoulder   The cuts here are more economical, since the meat is tougher and often interlaced with bone and connective tissue.  Butchers usually bone, roll, and tie the shoulder to make a rolled roast, but they sometimes also cut the shoulder into smaller roasts and steaks.


veal arm roast = veal shoulder arm roast   Notes:   This includes the arm bone and some of the ribs.  A steak cut from the arm roast is called a veal arm steak.   The roast is often braised, roasted, or used a pot roast.   Substitutes:  veal blade roast OR veal rump roast

veal arm steak = veal shoulder steak = veal round bone steak  Notes:   The veal arm steak looks a lot like a veal round steak cut from the back leg in that both cuts contain round bones, but the arm steak isn't as tender.     Substitutes:  veal blade steak OR veal round steak

veal blade roast  Notes:   This cut includes the shoulder blade bone and a fair amount of connective tissue, so it's cheaper than other veal roasts.  Once boned, it has a nice large opening that can be stuffed before roasting.    A steak cut from a blade roast is called a veal blade steak.   Substitutes:  veal arm roast OR veal breast roast (also good for stuffing)

veal blade steak  Notes:  This is cut from a veal blade roast.   Substitutes:   veal arm steak

rolled veal roast = rolled veal shoulder = boneless veal shoulder  Notes:  This is an entire boneless shoulder that has been rolled and tied.  It can be braised or roasted.  Substitutes:  lamb loin roast (rolled)

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