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Veal Rib Cuts

veal ribs = rack of veal   The ribs are usually cut into chops, but you can also roast the entire rack of veal, or tie two or three racks together to form a crown roast of veal.



veal rib chop  Notes:  This is cut from a rib roast, and comes either bone-in or boneless.   Substitutes:  veal loin chop (more meaty and more expensive) OR veal sirloin chop 

veal rib roast = rack of veal   Notes:  A rib roast is often cut into tender rib chops, but some people roast it intact or tie two or three rib roasts together to form a crown roast of veal.  A hotel rack includes the connected rib racks from both sides of the animal.  Be careful not to overcook  veal; since it isn't very fatty it tends to dry out easily.  Rib roasts are sold either with or without bones.   Substitutes:   lamb rib roast (makes a superior crown roast) OR standing beef roast (more fat)

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