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Miscellaneous Veal Cuts

miscellaneous cuts  This category includes cuts taken from different parts of the carcass, including ground veal, stew meat, and the shank.



veal cube steak = veal cubed steak  Notes:  This is a relatively tough cut of meat that the butcher tenderizes by turning it almost into hamburger. Substitutes:   beef cubed steak OR ground veal (formed into a patty)

ground veal   Notes:  Ground veal is leaner than ground beef, and it's great for hamburgers and meatloaf. Use it within two days of purchase.  Substitutes:  ground turkey OR ground chicken OR ground lamb

veal shank  Notes:  Portions of both the fore shank and the hind shank are sold as shank bones.  They're rich in gelatinous substances, so they're excellent for making stocks, soups, and osso buco.  Substitutes:  beef shank (cheaper and works well in osso buco) OR veal arm roast (cheaper and also works well in osso buco) OR lamb shank OR veal rump roast

veal stew meat = veal for stew = stew veal = veal stew  Notes:  These are relatively tough chunks of meat that need to be braised or cooking slowly in liquid to become properly tender.  Substitutes:   lamb stew meat OR beef stew meat

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