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Veal Loin Cuts

veal loin = middle meats   The most buttery cuts of all come from the loin, but you'll pay dearly for them.  


veal kidney chop  Notes:  This chop is assembled from a veal loin chop and part of a veal kidney that's surrounded by fat.  The tail of the loin chop is wrapped around the kidney to form a tight package.  It makes a very tasty steak.  Substitutes:  veal loin chop

veal loin chop  Notes:   This is the veal counterpart to a Porterhouse or T-bone steak.  It's cut from a veal loin roast.   Loin chops are usually braised or pan-fried.  Substitutes:   veal rib chop OR Porterhouse steak OR T-bone steak OR lamb chop OR veal sirloin chop

veal loin roast   Notes:  This is a magnificent roast, but it's very expensive.  If you get it  boned, rolled, and tied, it's called a rolled loin roast of vealSubstitutes:  veal shoulder roast (less expensive) OR beef tenderloin roast

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