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Veal Leg Cuts

veal leg = veal hind saddle  The choice meat in the leg is often sliced into thin cutlets to be used for veal scaloppini, schnitzels, and escalopes.   You can also buy larger cuts for roasting or braising.


veal leg roast = leg of veal = veal center cut of the leg   Notes:  This is similar to a rump roast, only it has just one round leg bone.  A steak cut from this roast is called a veal round steak.    Substitutes:  veal shank half of leg (more waste) 

veal cutlet = veal leg cutlet = veal scaloppini cutlet = veal scallopini cutlet = veal scallop = veal scaloppini = veal scallopini = veal escalopes   Notes:  These are very lean and thin boneless slices taken from different muscles in the leg.  Better butchers cut them to order, since they dry out quickly in the display case, and then they sometimes pound them to make them even thinner.  They're most commonly used to make scaloppini, schnitzels, and escalopes.   Substitutes:  pork cutlet (pound this to make it thinner) OR turkey (This is less expensive.  Use breast slices and pound them to make them thinner.) OR chicken (This is less expensive.  Use breast slices and pound them to make them thinner.)

veal round steak  = veal steakette   Notes:   Steaks can be braised or, if they're cut thin, pan-fried.   Substitutes:   veal cutlet OR veal sirloin steak OR beef round steak

veal rump roast = veal leg rump roast = rump of veal   Notes:  The bone-in or standing rump roast is a tasty roast, but it contains a lot of bone and it's tricky to carve.   Butchers will bone, roll, and tie a rump roast into a rolled veal rump roast = veal roast boneless = rump of veal boneless = veal rump roast boneless.  Rump roasts can be braised or roasted.  Substitutes:  veal leg roast OR veal sirloin roast OR veal loin roast

veal shank half of leg  Notes:  This is the lower portion of the leg, minus the hind shank and hock.  It has more waste than a rump roast or center cut, but it's very flavorful.  Substitutes:  veal leg roast

veal sirloin roast = veal leg sirloin roast  Notes:   You can buy this with the bone in, but it's very tricky to carve.  Many people therefore opt for the boneless veal sirloin roast, which is boned, rolled, and tied.  A steak cut from a sirloin roast is called a sirloin veal chop.   Substitutes:  veal loin roast (more expensive)

veal sirloin chop = veal sirloin steak = veal leg sirloin steak  Notes:   This is a lean steak cut from a sirloin roast.  Substitutes:  veal round steak

veal steak  Notes:  Two cuts often go by this name:  the veal sirloin chop and the veal round steak.

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