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Pork Shoulder Cuts

pork shoulder = pork shoulder butt = pork blade shoulder    Meat from this section is relatively fatty, which makes for juicy, tender, and flavorful roasts as well as clogged arteries.  


pork blade steak = = blade pork steak = pork 7-rib cut = pork steak  Notes:  These are cut from the Boston butt, and they're a cheap and flavorful alternative to pork chops.  They're a bit too tough to fry, but they're wonderful if slowly braised.  Substitutes:  pork arm steak OR pork loin chop

Boston butt = Boston roast = pork butt roast = pork shoulder Boston butt = Boston-style shoulder = Boston shoulder = Boston-style butt = fresh pork butt   Notes:  This economical, rectangular roast is the cut of choice for pulled pork barbecue, since it's marbled with enough fat to keep the meat moist while cooking.  You can buy it bone-in or boneless.   Substitutes:   pork picnic roast (also works for pulled pork) OR pork center cut loin roast (This is lower in fat, so roast it at a lower temperature and avoid overcooking it.)


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