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Miscellaneous Pork Cuts

These cuts come from all over the pig.  


pork cube steak = pork cubed steak   Notes:  This is a relatively tough cut of meat, often from the shoulder, that the butcher tenderizes mechanically.  Substitutes:   pork sirloin cutlet

pork cubes = pork cubes for kabobs   Notes:  These are cubes that are put on skewers for grilling.  Don't confuse cubes for kabobs with pork stew meat, which is too tough to grill.   To make your own:   Cut a pork tenderloin into 3/4-inch cubes.

ground pork  To make you own:  Grind meat from an economical cut like the pork arm picnic or Boston butt.

ham hocks = pork hocks  Notes: 
  These come either smoked or fresh.

pig's feet  Substitutes:  smoked ham hocks

pork stew meat  Notes:  This are pieces of meat that are too tough to grill, broil, or panfry.  They're best if cooked very slowly in a liquid.


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