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Pork Leg Cuts

pork leg = ham  The meat from this part of the pig is usually made into hams, but fresh leg meat is lean and makes a terrific roast. 


fresh pork leg = fresh ham = fresh leg of pork     Notes:   This makes a great roast for a large crowd.  It's usually cured as ham, so you might have to special-order it to get it fresh.  It's sold either boneless or bone-in, and either whole or halved.  The bottom half is called the shank portion = shank roast = leg roast, while the upper is called a top leg roast = inside roast = butt portion = pork leg butt = fresh ham butt = pork leg roast sirloin portion.  A steak cut from the leg is called a fresh pork leg steakSubstitutes:  pork center loin roast OR pork sirloin roast OR Boston butt

fresh pork leg steak = leg of pork steak = pork leg cutlet = fresh ham steak  Notes:  This is a steak cut from the middle of a fresh pork leg.  It's economical, but a bit tough, so you might want to marinate it before grilling or broiling it.  You can also slice it into strips and stir-fry them.   Substitutes:   pork blade steak  OR pork arm steak

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