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Lamb Shoulder Cuts


lamb shoulder   Several economical, if bony, cuts come from the shoulder.  



lamb shoulder chop = lamb arm chop = lamb shoulder block = lamb arm cut chop = lamb round bone chop  Notes:   These chops are a bit chewy, but very flavorful.  They're usually braised, broiled or grilled.  The round bone in them is a cross-section of the arm bone.   Substitutes:  lamb shoulder blade chop OR lamb loin chop

lamb blade chop = lamb shoulder blade chop = lamb shoulder block = shoulder lamb chop = shoulder blade lamb chop  Notes:  These are usually broiled, grilled, or pan-fried.   Substitutes:  lamb arm chop OR lamb loin chop OR lamb sirloin steak

lamb shoulder roast = lamb square-cut shoulder = lamb shoulder block    Notes:   This is a tasty roast, but it's very hard to carve with the bone in.  To make carving easier, butchers will bone it and sell it as a boneless rolled shoulder, or they'll slice the roast into blade chops and then tie them together as a pre-sliced shoulder roast = pre-carved shoulder roast.  A pre-sliced roast is convenient, but it tends to dry out in the oven.   Substitutes:   lamb leg (more tender and more expensive)

lamb neck slices = lamb stew bone-in = lamb neck for stew = neck of lamb = lamb neck pieces   Notes:  These are usually braised or made into stew.  Substitutes:  lamb shank



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