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Miscellaneous Lamb Cuts


miscellaneous lamb cuts   These come from various parts of the carcass.


ground lamb   Notes:  This is leaner and more delicately flavored than other ground meats.  It's sometimes available as pre-formed lamb patties.  Substitutes:  ground beef OR ground turkey OR ground chicken OR ground pork (fattier) 

lamb cubes for kabobs  Notes:  These are tender one-inch cubes that are put on skewers for grilling.  The best kabobs are made with meat from the leg.  Substitutes:  lamb leg (cut into kabobs) OR lamb sirloin half of leg (cut into kabobs)

lamb stew meat = lamb for stew  Notes:  These are cubes of meat that are too tough to grill or broil.  If cooking slowly in liquid, though, they become wonderfully tender.  To make your own:  lamb shoulder roast (cut into small pieces) 



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