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Lamb Leg Cuts


lamb leg   The leg of lamb is one of the most popular cuts.  It's usually roasted, but it can be boned and butterflied for grilling.


lamb leg = leg of lamb   Notes:    These are sold either with or without bones.  The full leg is too large and unwieldy for many families, so it's often cut into two half leg pieces:  the lean shank half and the more tender but more bony sirloin half.   Alternatively, you can buy a short leg = 3/4 French style leg, which includes the shank half plus half of the sirloin half, giving you three-quarters of a leg.  Legs are usually roasted, but boneless legs of all sizes can be either rolled and tied or butterflied so that they lie flat for grilling or broiling.  If a leg of any size has some meat cut away to expose the bone at the end, it's called a Frenched leg.  If the bone at the end is simply lopped off, it's called an American leg.   Substitutes:  lamb shoulder (less tender and less expensive)

lamb leg chop = lamb round leg steak = lamb leg steak  Notes:  Cut from the leg, these are usually braised, broiled, or grilled.  They're available boneless or bone-in.    Substitutes:  lamb loin chop (more tender) OR lamb shoulder chop (tougher, but more flavorful)

sirloin half of leg  Notes:   This is the upper half of a leg of lamb, and it makes a tender, but bony roast.  Many people ask the butcher to bone this cut, then either roll and tie it or butterfly it.  Substitutes:  lamb leg (shank half)



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