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Herbal Liqueurs

herbal liqueurs = herb liqueurs   Varieties:  Herbal liqueurs include Chartreuse, Strega, Suze, Kümmel, Izarra, Jägermeister, Fernet Branca, and anise-flavored liqueurs.


B&B = B & B = B and B    Notes:   Bénédictine liqueur is a tad too sweet for many people, so it's common to cut it with brandy.  Noting this, the producers of Bénédictine decided to produce their own blend.  To make your own:  Combine equal parts Bénédictine and brandy.   Substitutes:   Bénédictine


Bénédictine = Bénédictine D.O.M. = Benedictine  Notes:   This light green liqueur was first produced in the 16th century by a French monk, who combined various herbs, spices, and peels with brandy.  It's somewhat sweet by itself, so many people cut it with brandy or buy B&B, which is premixed Bénédictine and brandy.  The letters D.O.M. stand for Deo Optimo Maximo (To God, the best and greatest), which is the Bénédictine motto.  Substitutes:  B&B (a blend of Bénédictine and brandy) OR Chartreuse (very expensive) OR Drambuie


Chartreuse = Liqueur des Pères Chartreux   Pronunciation:   shar-TROOZ    Notes:   This excellent herbal liqueur is said to contain over 125 ingredients.  It comes in two colors:  green Chartreuse and the sweeter and less potent yellow Chartreuse. Substitutes:  Strega (cheaper) OR Izarra OR Benedictine (cheaper) OR Drambuie (cheaper)

crème de cumin = creme de cumin    Pronunciation:   KREM de coo-MAHN  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that's flavored with caraway seeds. Substitutes:  kümmel

Drambuie   Pronunciation:   dram-BOO-ee  Notes:   This is a Scottish liqueur made with Scotch, honey, and various herbs.  Substitutes:  Lochan-Ora OR Glayva OR Bénédictine


Glayva    Pronunciation:  glah-VAH   Notes:   This Scottish liqueur is whisky-based and flavored with herbs, fruit, and honey.  Substitutes:  Drambuie OR Lochan-Ora

Goldwasser = Danziger Goldwasser   Pronunciation:   GOLD-vah-ser  Notes:  This is a liqueur flavored with citrus peel, herbs, and spices.  It has gold flakes floating in it.   Substitutes:  Silberwasser (has silver, not gold, flakes in it)

green Chartreuse


Irish Mist   Notes:   This liqueur is based on Irish whiskey, and is flavored with herbs and honey.   Substitutes:  Drambuie OR Glayva 

Izarra   Pronunciation:   ih-ZAHR-uh  Notes:   This is a Basque version of Chartreuse.  Like its prototype, it comes in a green and a milder yellow version.   Substitutes:   Chartreuse OR Strega OR Bénédictine (cheaper)

Jägermeister = Jagermeister   Pronunciation:  YAY-gher-my-ster   Notes:   This is a potent, bittersweet herbal liqueur.  You can sometimes see Jägermeister bumper stickers on cars, often the kind that also sport surf shop decals.   Substitutes:   Benedictine OR Fernet Branca


Liqueur des Pères Chartreux

Lochan-Ora   Notes:    This liqueur is made with Scotch and flavored with honey and herbs.  Substitutes:  Drambuie OR Glayva


Pimm's Cup = Pimm's   Notes:   This is the liqueur that the upper crust of British society drinks at polo matches.  It's bittersweet and very potent.  There used to be several varieties of Pimm's, based on gin, whiskey, rum, brandy, and vodka, but only the one based on gin, called Pimm's No. 1, is still being produced.  Serve it with club soda and a bit of lemon juice and garnish with cucumber and celery.   Substitutes:   gin flavored with Angostura bitters


Silberwasser  Substitutes:  Goldwasser (has silver, not gold, flakes in it)


Strega = Liquore Strega   Pronunciation:  STRAY-gah  Notes:   This is a sweet Italian herbal liqueur.   Substitutes:   sambuca OR Chartreuse


yellow Chartreuse


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