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Fruit Liqueurs

fruit liqueurs   Substitutes:  fruit wine OR fruit syrup OR extracts (use much less)


apple schnapps  

apricot liqueur   Notes:  This liqueur tastes like both apricots and almonds.  Substitutes:  apricot brandy OR amaretto (made with apricot pits)

Bauchant   Pronunciation:   bow-CHAHN  Notes:  This is an orange liqueur.  Substitutes:  Grand Marnier OR Cointreau OR triple sec

blackberry liqueur   Notes:   Kroatzbeere and Marie Brizard  are well-regarded brands.  

blue curacao

cassis liqueur

Chéri Suisse = Cheri Suisse   Pronunciation:   share-ee SWEESE  Notes:  This is a chocolate and cherry flavored liqueur.  It's often mixed with milk.   Substitutes:  chocolate liqueur

cherry liqueurs   Notes:   There are many varieties of cherry liqueurs, including the chocolate-flavored Chéri Suisse, Cherry Heering = Peter Heering, crème de cerise, Cherry Rocher, Kirschenliqueur, Cherry Grand Marnier = Cherry Marnier, and Maraschino liqueur.    Substitutes:  port wine OR kirsch OR cherry syrup


Citrónge = Citronge   Pronunciation:   see-TRONGE  Notes:  This is a Mexican orange liqueur. 


Cointreau    Pronunciation:   kwahn-TROW  Notes:  This is an orange liqueur that’s not as well regarded as Grand Marnier, but considered a step above curaçao and triple sec.  Substitutes:  Grand Marnier (nicer and more expensive) OR curaçao (sweeter) OR triple sec (even sweeter) OR unsweetened orange juice concentrate OR Chambord (a raspberry liqueur)


cranberry liqueur   Notes:    Boggs is a well-regarded brand.  Substitutes:   raspberry liqueur

crème d'abricots = creme d'abricots  Pronunciation:   KREM dab-ree-KOE   Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has an apricot flavor.   Substitutes:  apricot liqueur (not as sweet) 

crème d'ananas = creme d'ananas   Pronunciation:   KREM dah-nah-NAH  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a pineapple flavor. Substitutes:   crème de banane

crème de banane = creme de banane   Pronunciation:   KREM de bah-NAHN  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a banana flavor.  It's often used to make banana daiquiris.   Substitutes:  crème d'ananas (pineapple flavor)

crème de cassis = creme de cassis  Pronunciation:   KREM de cah-CEASE  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur made with black currants and rum.  It's very sweet, and often mixed with white wine to make kir.   Substitutes:   black currant syrup (similar flavor, non-alcoholic) OR raspberry liqueur (not as sweet) 

crème de cerise = creme de cerise   Pronunciation:   KREM de sare-EASE   Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a cherry flavor. Substitutes:  cherry liqueur (not as sweet)  OR kirsch (not as sweet) 


crème de fraise = creme de fraise = crème á la fraise des bois = creme a la fraise des bois    Pronunciation:   KREM de FREZ   Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a strawberry flavor.   Substitutes:   crème de framboise OR crème de cassis



crème de framboise = creme de framboise   Pronunciation:   KREM de frahm-BWAHZ  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a raspberry flavor. Substitutes:   crème de fraise  OR crème de cassis



crème de griotte   Pronunciation:   KREM de gree-YUT  Notes:  This is a crème liqueur that's flavored with sour Morello cherries.  Substitutes:   crème de cassis

crème de mandarine = creme de mandarine    Pronunciation:   KREM de mahn-dah-REEN  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a mandarin orange flavor. Substitutes:   orange liqueur

crème de mûre = creme de mure   Pronunciation:   KREM de MYUR    Notes:  This is a crème liqueur that's flavored with blackberries.  Substitutes:   crème de cassis


crème de myrtille  Pronunciation:   KREM de meer-TEEL    Notes:  This is a crème liqueur that's flavored with blueberries.  Substitutes:   crème de cassis


crème de pêche = creme de peche   Pronunciation:   KREM de PESH   Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that's flavored with peaches.  


crème de prunelle = creme de prunelle   Pronunciation:   KREM de prew-NELL  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that's flavored with sloe berries.  Substitutes:   sloe gin OR plum brandy (not as sweet)

curaçao = curacao  Pronunciation:  CURE-uh-soh  Notes:   Curaçao is an liqueur made from orange peels.  It comes in blue, orange, red, green, and clear versions that all taste exactly the same. To make your own colored version, add one or two drops of food coloring to a cup of clear liqueur.   Substitutes:  Cointreau (drier) OR Triple Sec (sweeter) OR Grand Marnier (finer, and more expensive) OR orange juice (non-alcoholic) 

Gran Torres   Notes:   This is a Spanish orange liqueur.  Substitutes:  Triple Sec


Grand Marnier   Pronunciation:   GRAHN mahr-NYAY   Notes:   This is a fairly sweet brandy-based orange liqueur.   There are two kinds:  the well-regarded red, or Cordon Rouge, and the sweeter and less potent yellow, or Cordon Jaune.  Substitutes:  Cointreau (Also an orange flavored liqueur. Not as good for sipping, but works fine for cooking.) OR curaçao (This is also an orange-flavored liqueur, but it's sweeter than Grand Marnier.) OR triple sec (orange-flavored, much sweeter) OR cognac (Not orange flavored, but it's a good substitute for sipping or cooking.) OR Chambord (similar quality, but raspberry-flavored)  OR unsweetened orange juice concentrate 

guavaberry liqueur = Guavaberry Island Folk Liqueur    Notes:   A specialty of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, guavaberry liqueur is based on rum and flavored with the island's indigenous guavaberries.    Substitutes:  raspberry liqueur

kumquat liqueur   Notes:   This is a liqueur flavored with kumquats.  Substitutes:  orange liqueur OR mandarine liqueur

lemon liqueur = liquore di limoni  Notes:  These liqueurs are made with lemon peels and best served very cold.  Villa Massa is a well-regarded brand.  Substitutes:  vodka plus lemon juice OR limoncello


limoncello = limoncino   Notes:   This excellent lemon-flavored Italian liqueur is often stored in freezers so that it can be served ice cold.  It's hard to find in stores, but easy to make at home.   Substitutes:  Strega plus lemon zest OR lemon liqueur


Licor 43 = Cuarenta y Tres   Notes:  This Spanish liqueur is made up of 43 ingredients, with vanilla and citrus predominant.  Substitutes:  Tuaca


mandarine liqueur   Notes:   This cognac-based liquor is flavored with the peels of mandarin oranges.   Mandarine Napoléon is a well-regarded brand.  Substitutes:  orange liqueur OR kumquat liqueur OR lemon liqueur


Maraschino liqueur   Pronunciation:   mare-uh-SKEE-noh  Notes:   This is an excellent semi-dry clear liqueur that's made with sour cherries.   It's made from marasca cherries, which are native to Croatia.  Unrest there has made good Maraschino liqueurs hard to find in recent years.  Luxardo Maraschino and Stock Maraschino are well-respected brands.    Substitutes:  amaretto OR kirsch OR cherry liqueur (sweeter)


Mathilde orange liqueur  


Midori  Notes:   This green Japanese liqueur has a very sweet, melon flavor.    Substitutes:  orange liqueur OR raspberry liqueur


orange liqueur  Notes:  The best (and driest) is Grand Marnier, followed by Cointreau, curaçao, and--the sweetest of them all--triple sec.  Substitutes:  kumquat liqueur OR mandarine liqueur OR Sabra liqueur (This is an orange liqueur with a hint of chocolate.) OR Midori OR rum OR orange extract (1 teaspoon orange extract = 1 tablespoon orange liqueur)

Parfait Amour   Pronunciation:   par-FAY tah-MOOR  Notes:   The name means "perfect love" in French, and this sweet purple liqueur is flavored with citrus and spices.

passion fruit liqueur   Notes:   La Grande Passion is a well-regarded brand.  Substitutes:   rum

pear liqueur  


raspberry liqueur = framboise liqueur = liqueur de framboise   Notes:    This is great in champagne or on ice cream.   Chambord is a popular brand.  Don't confuse this with framboise, a raspberry brandy.   Substitutes:   crème de cassis OR orange liqueur OR raspberry extract (1 teaspoon raspberry extract = 2 tablespoons raspberry liqueur)

red curacao


Rock and Rye    Notes:   This is a citrus-flavored liqueur that's based on rye whiskey.  There's a piece of rock candy in every bottle.   Substitutes:  Southern Comfort (This is based on bourbon with peach flavoring.) 


Sabra liqueur  Notes:  This is an orange liqueur with a hint of chocolate.  It's produced in Israel.   Substitutes:   orange liqueur OR Cheri Suisse


sloe gin   Notes:    This liqueur is made by steeping sloe berries in gin.  Gordon's is a well-regarded brand.   To make your own:  Take one pound of washed sloes and prick their skins, then add 1/2 cup of sugar and one pint of gin.  Steep for several months, then gently strain without crushing the fruit.   Substitutes:   plum brandy 


Southern Comfort   Notes:   This potent peach-flavored liqueur is made with Bourbon.   Substitutes:   Rock and Rye OR kirsch OR Cointreau 

triple sec   Notes:   Even though the name means "triple dry," this is a relatively sweet orange-flavored liqueur.  Substitutes:  Curacao OR Grand Marnier OR Cointreau OR unsweetened orange juice concentrate

Tuaca  Notes:  This liqueur is flavored with vanilla and citrus.  Substitutes:  Licor 43


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