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Chocolate Liqueurs

chocolate liqueurs   Notes:   There are many well-regarded brands of chocolate liqueur, including Godiva, Truffles, Mozart, and Hagen Daz.  Some liqueurs combine chocolate with other flavors, like Cheri Suisse, Vandermint, and Tiramisu.   Substitutes:  crème de cacao (sweeter) OR Cheri Suisse OR Vandermint OR Tiramisu liqueur OR chocolate syrup OR coffee liqueur OR chocolate extract (use much less) OR chocolate syrup


crème de cacao = creme de cacao  Pronunciation:   KREM de cah-COW  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a chocolate flavor.   Buy either white (actually clear) or dark crème de cacao--they both taste the same.  Substitutes:   chocolate liqueur (not as sweet)  OR Cheri Suisse OR Vandermint OR coffee liqueur (not as sweet) OR chocolate syrup

crème de chocolat = creme de chocolat   Pronunciation:   KREM de shoh-coh-LAH  Notes:   This is a crème liqueur that has a chocolate flavor. Substitutes:   crème de cacao

Godiva liqueur  Notes:  This is a brand of chocolate liqueur.  Substitutes:   chocolate liqueur OR chocolate syrup

Tiramisu   Notes:   Like the dessert, this liqueur has both chocolate and coffee flavors.  Substitutes:  Kahlua 

Vandermint   Notes:   This liqueur is flavored with chocolate and mint.  Substitutes:  chocolate liqueur OR chocolate syrup


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