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Pronunciation:  trit-ih-KAY-lee  


triticale  Notes:   Triticale is a wheat-rye cross that's higher in protein than either of its parents.  It has a pleasant enough wheat-like flavor, but it's prized mostly for its hardiness and ability to grow in poor soils.    Substitutes:  wheat OR rye


rolled triticale  See triticale flakes


triticale berries = whole triticale berries   Notes:  Triticale berries are similar to wheat berries, though they also have a subtle rye flavor.  Substitutes: wheat berries OR rye berries OR cracked wheat

triticale flakes = rolled triticale = flaked triticale   Notes:   You can use these like rolled oats to make a hot breakfast cereal.   They cook up in about 15 minutes.   Substitutes: rolled oats OR rye flakes OR kamut® brand flakes

 whole triticale berries   See triticale berries  


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