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Rye isn't as nutritious as other grains, but it's hardy enough to grow in very cold climates.  This has made it a staple of Northern Europeans, who use it to make breads, crackers, and whiskey.  It has a distinctive, hearty flavor that's best when combined with other assertive ingredients.  Substitutes:  triticale



rye berries = whole rye berries   Notes:  Soak these overnight before cooking.  Soaked and cooked rye berries are sometimes added to breads for extra texture, or used to make pilafs or hot breakfast cereals.  Substitutes:  triticale berries OR wheat berries OR buckwheat groats


rye flakes = rolled rye    Notes:   These are often combined with other grains, then cooked to make a hot breakfast cereal.   Substitutes: rolled oats OR triticale flakes 


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