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black sea bass   Substitutes: cod OR red snapper OR rockfish OR tilefish OR grouper

onaga  See red snapper.


red snapper = onaga    Substitutes: sea bass OR rockfish OR grouper OR halibut OR pompano OR lemonfish OR sole (more delicate) OR flounder (more delicate) OR cod (more delicate) OR orange roughy (more delicate) OR catfish


rockfish  Substitutes:  red snapper (firmer texture) OR sea bass OR halibut OR perch OR ocean perch (stronger flavor) OR porgy OR cod

taape = ta'ape = blue-lined snapper = blue-stripe snapper   Notes:   This beautiful fish was introduced to Hawaii in 1958, and it multiplied so quickly that it's now crowding out some native species.  Buying this fish helps prod fishermen to rid Hawaiian waters of this nuisance.  It's a tasty fish, too, though there's concern that some of these fish may carry ciguatera, a toxin that affects certain reef fish.

Copyright © 1996-2005   Lori Alden.  Photos adapted from U.S. Government photos, except for the taape picture.