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Cape capensis = Cape hake = Cape whiting  Substitutes: cod (larger than Cape capensis) OR pollock

Cape hake  See Cape capensis

Cape whiting  See Cape capensis.


cod   Notes:   This includes cod cheeks, which are good and inexpensive, cod tongues, cod sounds, which are the cod's air bladders, and scrod = schrod, which are young cod.  See also salt cod. Substitutes:  pollock OR Cape capensis OR halibut OR sole OR flounder OR orange roughy OR haddock OR whiting OR hake OR ocean perch OR tilapia OR catfish OR tilefish

cod cheeks  See cod.  

cod sounds  See cod.

cod tongues  See cod.     


cusk  Substitutes:  cod



hake  Substitutes:  haddock OR cod OR sole OR halibut OR tilefish (firmer texture)


haddock  Substitutes:  cod OR hake OR flounder OR sole



pollock = Boston bluefish   Notes:  Includes Alaska pollock = walleye pollock.  Substitutes:  cod

schrod  See cod. 

scrod  See cod.  

whiting  Substitutes:  cod (milder flavor) OR hake OR flounder (milder flavor) OR sole (milder flavor)

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