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Lean, Firm-textured Fish

anglerfish  See monkfish

bellyfish  See monkfish

blackfish = tautog = tog    Notes:  This category includes hogfish and cunner, which are very similar to blackfish.   Substitutes: grouper (more flavorful) OR monkfish OR red snapper (flakier texture) OR sheepshead OR rockfish (flakier texture)

cabrilla   See grouper.

California sea bass  See grouper

Cape shark


cobia = sergeant fish = crabeater = lemonfish = coalfish   Substitutes:  monkfish OR shark

coalfish  See cobia.

crabeater  See cobia

cunner  See blackfish.

dogfish = Cape shark  Substitutes: shark

dolphin fish  See mahi-mahi

frogfish  See monkfish

goosefish  See monkfish


grouper   Notes:  This category includes California sea bass, jewfish, and cabrilla. Substitutes:  striped bass OR mahi-mahi OR black sea bass (flakier texture) OR red snapper (flakier texture) OR pompano OR lemonfish OR catfish

hogfish  See blackfish

jewfish  See grouper. 

kajiki  See marlin.

lemonfish  See cobia

lingcod  Substitutes:  cod (flakier texture)



mahi-mahi = mahimahi = dolphin fish = dolphinfish    Substitutes:  monkfish (not as sweet) OR shark (not as sweet) OR swordfish OR tuna OR catfish (fattier) OR tilefish (flakier texture, not as sweet)

marlin  (includes Pacific blue marlin = kajiki) Substitutes:  swordfish

monkfish = goosefish = anglerfish = bellyfish = frogfish = sea-devil  Substitutes:  blackfish OR lobster (more expensive) OR mahi-mahi (sweeter) OR shark OR red snapper

Pacific blue marlin  See marlin


pomfret   Notes:  You can buy frozen pomfret in Asian markets.  Substitutes:  Chilean sea bass

pompano = black pomfret  Substitutes:  grouper


sea-devil  See monkfish.

sergeant fish  See cobia


shark  Substitutes:  swordfish (sweeter and flakier) OR mahi-mahi OR tuna (fattier) OR sturgeon OR marlin OR halibut (flakier texture) OR cod (flakier texture)


sheepshead  Substitutes:  pompano OR crab


skate = skate wing   Notes:    Skates are delicious, but many people are put off by their bizarre looks.  Only the wings are edible.  Like their shark relatives, skates have cartilage and tough, sandpapery skin.  One way to loosen the skin is to poach them briefly in a mixture of three parts water, one part vinegar.   After you peel off the skin, the wing can be further poached, or baked or fried.


striped bass = striper  Substitutes: grouper OR sea bass (less choice) OR tilefish OR halibut OR salmon OR blackfish


striper  See striped bass.


swordfish  Substitutes:  marlin OR shark (not as sweet or flaky) OR tuna (not as sweet) OR sturgeon OR halibut OR mahi-mahi

tautog  See blackfish


tilapia  Substitutes:  red snapper (flakier texture) OR bass OR flounder OR sole OR orange roughy OR ocean perch

tog  See blackfish. 

Copyright © 1996-2005   Lori Alden.  Sheepshead, shark, pompano, marlin, and mahi-mahi photos adapted from U.S. Government photos.