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Stovetop Equipment


bacon press  Substitutes:  cast iron skillet

double boiler = bain marie  Substitutes:  set a heavy pot in a pan half-filled with water OR microwave oven (this is the preferred way to melt chocolate; use medium power)


iron pan = iron skillet  Notes:  Iron distributes heat evenly, but tends to rust.  Iron cookware should be seasoned before use.

paraffin wax = canning wax = household wax = baker's wax  Notes:   Canners sometimes use this wax to seal jars, but it's hard to get a tight seal.  It's safer and easier to use two-piece canning lids.  Many grocers apply wax to fruits and vegetables to hold in moisture and make them shiny.  Candy-makers sometimes use wax in their chocolates so that they hold up better in warm weather.  


stainless steel cookware  Substitutes:  glass cookware OR enamel cookware (Warning: aluminum, copper, and iron cookware can react with acids in foods and alter their flavor and color)

steaming basket = steamer = SteaMarvel  Notes:  This fits inside pots of different sizes, and the petals open to accommodate vegetables, seafood, or whatever else you want to steam.  

whisk   Notes:   A well-equipped kitchen will have several of these, in different sizes.  Substitutes:   electric mixer OR eggbeater OR fork 


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