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Mashing, Grating, Grinding & Mixing Tools



chinois  Notes:  This fits on top of a deep container and mashes food that pressed through it.

eggbeater  Substitutes:  Beat mixture vigorously with a fork OR shake mixture in a sealed jar



ice pick

mallet   Substitutes:  rolling pin OR hammer

meat grinder

mortar and pestle  Substitutes:  coffee grinder OR crush with a rolling pin


peppermill  Substitutes:  mortar and pestle OR coffee grinder 

potato masher

salt mill  Notes:   Trendy cooks fill this gadget with expensive sea salt crystals so that they season their food with freshly ground salt.  It's not clear why they do this, since salt is an inorganic mineral and, unlike pepper and other spices, doesn't become stale once ground.  Substitutes:  mortar and pestle OR place salt in a plastic bag, seal, then crush the salt with a rolling pin.

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