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Extracting & Straining Tools


butter muslin  Notes:   This resembles a tightly woven cheesecloth and is used for straining fine particles from a liquid.    Substitutes:  cotton cloth, like a sheet or pillowcase OR coffee filter

cheesecloth  Notes:   Includes fine cheesecloth   Substitutes:  clean kitchen towel

coffee filter  Substitutes:  heavy duty paper towel OR cheesecloth folded several times

colander   Notes:   Cooks use these to wash foods or to drain noodles or vegetables after boiling.  Large metal ones are best.    Substitutes:  use tongs to lift food out (works especially well with noodles) OR strainer

degreasing pitcher  Substitutes:  Set pan in refrigerator until fat congeals on top, then scrape it off OR pour drippings into measuring cup, then use bulb baster to remove grease on top

funnel  Substitutes:  roll paper or aluminum foil into a cone



ice cream scoop



salad spinner  Substitutes:  put rinsed greens in a colander, cover with towel, shake OR lay rinsed greens on a towel, roll up gently, and refrigerate

slotted spoon  Substitutes:  Chinese wire-mesh strainer OR colander nested in pot OR tongs

yogurt strainer  Notes:  This fine-meshed strainer is used to drain off the whey from yogurt in order to make yogurt cheese.  Substitutes:  Line a colander with several folds of cheesecloth or fine cloth.

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