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Bar Equipment

cocktail strainer = bar strainer  Notes:  These are used to shake and strain cocktails.  

corkscrew  Substitutes:   Using a knife, cut as much of the cork out as possible, then push what's left into the bottle.  Strain the wine into another container. 

 vacuum stopper = wine saver   Notes:    Wine, once exposed to air, turns vinegary.  This stopper has a pump that removes much of the air from the bottle and allows you to keep opened bottles of wine a bit longer.  Substitutes:   Transfer wine to a smaller bottle and cork OR Use the wine to make wine essence. OR Store the opened bottle in the refrigerator.  The cold will slow down the wine's deterioration.  OR Replace the air in the bottle with nitrogen.  Some wine stores carry pressurized cans of nitrogen.  OR Use the old wine in a hearty sauce. OR Use the wine to make vinegar.

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