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African Condiments


berebere sauce  To make your own:    Visit the Berebere Marinade recipe posted on RecipeSource.com.


harissa (sauce) = Tunisian chile paste = heriseh   Pronunciation:  huh-REE-suh  Notes:   This is a hot North African paste that's used as a meat rub or (mixed with water or oil) as a condiment.   Substitutes:  chili paste OR hot pepper sauce  To make your own:  See either this Harissa recipe, or this Harissa recipe, each posted on RecipeSource.com.


preserved lemon = salt-cured lemon  Notes:  These are lemons that have been preserved in a salty brine for one or two months.  They're a staple of Moroccan cuisine and somewhat hard to find in the U.S.  To make your own:  See the footnote in the Preserved Lemon Martini recipe posted by Global Gourmet, or the recipes for Preserved Lemons or Preserved Lemon Quarters posted on RecipeSource.com.   Substitutes:   Make deep cuts into the peel of a lemon and fill the cuts with coarse salt, then wrap the lemon in a plastic bag and refrigerate for 24 hours.  

salt-cured lemon  See preserved lemon.

Tunisian chile paste


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