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Processed Cheeses


American cheese = American cheese food = American pasteurized process cheese food   Notes:  These are often sold in individually wrapped sandwich slices.  Substitutes:   Cheddar cheese (much more flavorful) OR Swiss cheese (more flavorful)

Cheez Whiz  See pasteurized process cheese sauce.

Gourmandise   Pronunciation:  goor-mahn-DEEZ Notes:  This is a creamy, mild French cheese.

Laughing Cow  See Vache Qui Rit.

La Vache Qui Rit  See Vache Qui Rit

pasteurized process cheese  Shopping hints:   Look for this in deli counters and in holiday gift packs. This cheese is a blend of fresh and aged cheeses, and it's pasteurized to stop the ripening process. This improves shelf life but impairs flavor.  Nuts, fruits, and other seasoning are often added.   Substitutes: pasteurized process cheese food (moister, lower in fat) 


pasteurized process cheese food  Shopping hints:  Velveeta is a popular brand. This cheese is similar to pasteurized process cheese, but it contains more milk solids and water.  Substitutes: pasteurized process cheese (less moist, higher in fat) OR pasteurized process cheese spread (moister, lower in fat)

pasteurized process cheese sauce or spread  Shopping hints:  Cheez Whiz is a popular brand. This cheese is similar to pasteurized process cheese, but it's moister.  To make your own:  Melt in a double boiler 2 pounds Velveeta cheese + 1 C milk + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1/2 C margarine. Recipe from the Cookbooks On/Line recipe database.   Substitutes:  pasteurized process cheese food (less moist, higher in fat) OR vegetarian cheese substitute (To make your own, try the Melty Cheese recipe posted on www.vegweb.com, or the Mock Cheese Sauce recipe posted on pastrywiz.com.)


processed cheese = process cheese   These products combine cheese with gums and stabilizers that improve shelf life but compromise flavor and texture.


Vache Qui Rit = La Vache Qui Rit = Laughing Cow    Pronunciation:   VAHSH-kee-ree Notes:   This French cheese comes in wedges or squares.

Velveeta  See pasteurized process cheese food.


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