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Bean Products


fermented black bean = salted black bean = dow see = black salted fermented bean = Chinese black bean =  salty black bean = black beans in salted sauce   Notes:  These come in plastic bags, boxes, or in cans.  Those in the plastic bags are considered the best.  Cooks disagree about whether they should be soaked or rinsed before using.   Substitutes: cooked soybeans + soy sauce


refried beans = frijoles refritos   Notes:   These are beans that are cooked, mashed, and then fried, usually in lard or bacon drippings.    To make your own:   Cook 2 cups of pinto or chili beans in water until they're tender, then drain.  Mash the beans, adding enough water to give them the consistency of mashed potatoes, then fry them in 1/2 cup lard, bacon drippings, or butter.  Substitutes:  pinto beans OR black beans

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